Drawing of a man from 2000 wearing a mask of an extinct Pyrenean Ibex by Jenny Kendler
The Pyrenean Ibex
From the Extinction Portraits series
Graphite on paper in painted frame with vintage ribbon
11 x 9 in., framed

Capra pyrenaica pyrenaica
Extinct 2000

The Pyrenean Ibex is one of two extinct subspecies of Spanish Ibex. Though there is still some mystery surrounding the exact causes of extinction, introduced infectious disease and poaching are suspected. The subspecies only made it 6 days into the new millennium, when Celia, the last surviving member of the subspecies, was found dead, killed by a falling tree.

In other strange news, the Pyrenean Ibex was the first taxon to become 'un-extinct' when a cloned female ibex was born in 2009. However, the baby only lived for 7 minutes before dying from breathing difficulties. The cloning projects continues, but faces many difficulties.