Photo of Jenny Kender's solo show, Cohabit, at the COOP - showing her drawings on the wall
Installation view of drawings from Cohabit

Drawings from the Cohabit series installed at The Coop Gallery.

%In Cohabit, a series of drawings by Jenny Kendler, the artist makes visceral the connection between the human body and the natural world --- laying bare our human bodies as undeniably animal and sexual. A sensuous conception of being is presented; a melding point between the body and the 'other'.

Cohabit explores the feminine sublime -- presenting a definitive counterpoint to the traditional view of nature as the other, to be owned, to be conquered. Instead, the 'other' becomes something we welcome to increase our being and awareness. Nature washes over us, seduces us, fludifies our boundaries of self -- leaving us less 'ourselves' perhaps, but more than we were before.% - Gallery Press Release