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|Feb 2012 : Los Angeles|

In A Landscape Where Nothing Officially Exists was a collaborative, performative piece by eight artists including Dai Toyofuku, Jenny Kendler, Alicia Escott, Christopher Reiger, Molly Schafer, Sara Schnadt, Erin Payne and Courtney Quirin—and one biologist, Ileene Anderson of the Center for Biological Diversity.

The project was commissioned by curators by Deborah Oliver and Ed Woodham for Un-Space Ground at the 100th CAA Conference in Los Angeles, as an extension of the curators' long-term project, Art In Odd Places. The artists and biologist collaborated to create 35 art works representing 35 endangered species living in and around southern California.

A performative public auction was then held where the original artworks, representing the local endangered species, were given away to 'bidders' who were willing to 'bid' by pledging to learn about and care for the species—becoming avatars for their protection from thence forth. The participants were also asked to photograph the work out in the world/habitat, and share it in some way online.

See more on the project's Facebook page and on the website of Dai Toyofuku.