ARTWORK + > Studies for Bioremediation (Kudzu)

Studies for Bioremediation (Kudzu), 2018–2019
Hand-cut archival prints, t-pins

This series of photo-collages represent a proposal to bioremediate Confederate monuments—sites of “toxicity”—with kudzu, a fast growing vine with the ability to engulf whole forests. This common vine is considered an invasive species in Richmond, Virginia—former capital of the Confederacy and where I grew up. Suggesting that we look to the natural world and our plant teachers for new (old) forms of healing wisdom, the project offers a way in which the white supremacist and patriarchal histories underlying our country's narrative can be 'composted' as part of a path forward towards justice.

This work is part of the permanent collection of the DePaul Art Museum.

New Age, New Age: Strategies for Survival : DePaul Art Museum : Apr–Aug 2019