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If you're in the Chicago area and would like to attend Deep Time's free public programs, like our Walk-About-It series which explores the entanglements between human beings and the natural world, stay up to date here.


I am always appreciative of offers to exhibit work, sit on a panel or give an artist talk, but am making every effort to give up flying. Beginning several years ago, I found I could no longer reconcile the enormous carbon emissions created for the convenience of flight with my life's work. I am happy to discuss other methods of participation, from virtual speaking engagements, to taking the train or driving my electric car and aligning the opportunity with others in the area.

This also extends to my artworks themselves, which make every effort be be ethically and sustainably-produced, shipped and installed—and are often ephemeral in nature, mostly recyclable or literally biodegradable.

I am deeply appreciative of whose who both invite me to engage with their spaces and organizations, and are also understanding of the ethos behind my practice.