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Mother, of Pearl (Nervous Sytem)
Mother, of Pearl (Nervous Sytem)
Freshwater pearls, beading wire, thread, fabric mesh, patinated steel

Meticulously strung from many thousands of freshwater pearls, this work traces an interconnected network scaled to the artist’s own nervous system. Following the luminous pathways with our eyes, we are asked to imagine this electric network within our own animal bodies as a way to reconnect our senses to the more-than-human world.

Recalling the work of feminist artists like Ana Mendieta and Faith Wilding, this work uses the delicate, unashamedly decorative techniques of beading and jewelry-making to recall the embodied practices of “woman’s work” and the often-overlooked care work of femme-identified people. The title evokes the biological process of motherhood itself, linking us through our feral bodies—like a string of pearls—all the way back to the origins of life.

Photo Credit: Julienne Schaer