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Seashell Resonance (Objects for Contemplation),
Seashell Resonance (Objects for Contemplation),
Oyster shells (Crassostrea virginica), 3D printed biopolymer ears, antique ‘giant’ oyster shells, reclaimed packing materials, clay, plaster, papier-mâché, steel mesh, freshwater pearls
Dimensions variable

Referencing both natural history dioramas as well as suiseki or “scholar’s stones” selected for special contemplation, these reef-like sculptures are composed of Eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) shells reclaimed from New York’s restaurants by project contributor Billion Oyster Project, headquartered on Governors Island.

Hidden amongst the shells are the ears of these “scholars”—the scientists, advocates, and educators of the Billion Oyster Project team who are working to bring oysters back to New York’s ecosystem and create a more climate resilient coastline. Printed in biopolymer, the ears suggest the need to listen more closely to the ocean and our nearby neighbors who live within this sixth borough.

The work's title refers to the folk myth suggesting the ocean can be heard inside a seashell, when in fact the listener is hearing an amplification of their own bodily sounds.

Photo Credit: Timothy Schenck